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Valencian-style rices and paellas

Minimum two people

  • Arroz a banda

    “A banda” rice means “rice on the side” and is cooked only with fish stock (no fish or shellfish inside) and served with a garlic and olive oil sauce.

  • Leek and monkfish paella
  • Spinach and jumbo shrimp paella
  • Valencian paella (order in advance)

    Valencian paella, the original recipe made with chicken, rabbit, beans and garden vegetables.

  • Sesional vegetable paella (order in advance)
  • Gentleman's rice (order in advance)

    Gentelman´s Rice, a seafood paella in which all seafood is peeled or shucked and ready to eat.

  • Red mullet and garlic shoot paella (order in advance)

Minimum four people

Order 1 day in advance

  • Cuttlefish black rice

    Cuttlefish Black Rice gets its jet black color from the cuttlefish's ink. It contains cuttlefish and other seafood hidden in the inky goodness.


  • Green salad
  • Seasonal tomato salad


  • Spanish cold tomato soup (seasonal)
  • Ibérico ham
  • Potato and vegetable salad
  • Artisan hand-prepared 00 anchovies

    with toasted crispy bread, fresh tomato, purée and olive oil.

  • Croquettes of the day
  • Cured ham croquettes
  • Seared eggplant cubes
  • Cured paprika pork sausage from Arbizu, grilled and served warm
  • Confit and grilled artichoke hearts
  • Mallorca paprika pork pâté

    with olive oil toast.

  • Roasted eggplant, red pepper and onion salad

    with cod Jumbo shrimps in garlic sauce.

  • Sliced fried calamari
  • Smoked sardine
  • Deep fried battered whitebait/sprats
  • Marinated salmon Berlanga style
  • Crispy bread, fresh tomato purée and olive oil

Main dishes


  • Brioche French toast in honey syrup
  • Cheese cake
  • Brownie
  • Ice cream, various flavors
  • Lemon sorbet
  • Expresso with Martini

* All our rice dishes and paellas are suitable for coeliacs.

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